SSL/TLS Certifications Remediation

SSL/TLS Certifications Remediation

SSL/TLS certificates are essential cryptographic protocols that secure data transmission over the internet. When certificates not properly managed, can pose security risks. Remediation involves identifying and resolving issues.

Borderless CS the perfect match in safeguarding your sensitive data and ensuring user trust. By implementing a robust remediation plan, organizations can maintain a secure and encrypted communication environment.

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The scope of the project is:

  • Create an inventory of all SSL/TLS certificates across the organization. 
  • Ensure SSL/TLS certificates comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Conduct rigorous testing and validation of SSL/TLS certificates and configurations. 
  • Verify that the renewed certificates are correctly installed and functioning as intended. 
  • Stay updated with emerging SSL/TLS vulnerabilities and provide necessary patches and updates. 
  • Perform vulnerability assessments services to identify potential weaknesses in the SSL/TLS implementation.

SSL/TLS Certifications Remediation Disaster Recovery (DR) Service Level

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)TimeComments
Document Review and Framework Selection120 minReview existing documentation and select a suitable security framework within 2 hours, customizing it based on organizational requirements.
Data Analysis and Scoring180 minAnalyze collected data and score the organization’s maturity level within 3 hours. Prioritize domains based on the assessment framework.
Gap Analysis and Recommendation Development240 minIdentify gaps and develop actionable recommendations within 4 hours. Prioritize recommendations based on potential risks and impact.
Report Generation and Presentation120 minGenerate a detailed maturity assessment report within 2 hours, including findings, analysis, prioritized recommendations, and a roadmap for improvement. Present the findings to stakeholders.
Roadmap Development and Implementation SupportContinuousCollaborate with the organization to develop a detailed roadmap for implementing recommendations. Provide continuous support during implementation, addressing queries and challenges promptly.
Ongoing Monitoring and Performance OptimizationContinuousImplement continuous monitoring processes and optimize security measures continuously. Fine-tune policies based on real-time data and organizational feedback
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