NetIQ Identity Governance

NetIQ Identity Governance Project

Our client’s current processes and procedures to manage user access are ad-hoc and manual, which is time-consuming and prone to errors, exposing compliance violations and risk from excessive access.

Our audit Report has highlighted the need to review Identity Governance to strengthen the controls and align with the IAM Strategy.

Id Management

The areas include:

  • The ability to identify Who has access to What,
  • Remove the risk of excessive access,
  • Remove the increased risk of negative audit findings and
  • Data breaches.


  • Design, build and test the Identity Governance solution for non-production (Test) and Production environments.
  • Define the detailed requirements, setup reports and owners to manage the access.
  • Analyse the areas nominated for Pilot rollout, test and support.
  • Dedicated support team to address user queries and technical issues promptly.
  • Conduct rigorous testing of the identity governance solution in a controlled environment.
  • Gather feedback from pilot users to identify challenges and areas of improvement.
  •  Refine the system based on pilot results before full-scale implementation.
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