Nessus Tenable Implementation

Nessus Tenable Implementation

Nessus Tenable is a widely-used vulnerability assessment tool that helps organizations identify and manage security risks. Implementing Nessus effectively at Borderless CS is you can ensure a robust security posture.

By leveraging its advanced features and integrations, organizations can establish a robust defense against evolving cyber threats and following a systematic approach, organizations can strengthen their security posture, reduce risks, and maintain a resilient defense against cyber threats.

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The scope of the project is:

  • Assess the existing network infrastructure and prepare for Nessus implementation. 
  • Ensure network compatibility, firewall rules, and necessary permissions for scanning.
  • Configure Nessus settings, including scan policies, authentication requirements, and target hosts. 
  • Integrate Nessus with existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems. 
  • Conduct regular vulnerability scans to identify new threats and weaknesses. 
  • Schedule periodic Nessus updates and patches to ensure the tool's database is current.

Nessus Tenable Implementation Disaster Recovery (DR) Service Level

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)TimeComments
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)120 minAssess the existing infrastructure and prepare the environment for Nessus implementation within 2 hours. Ensure compatibility and resource allocation.
Nessus Installation and Configuration180 minInstall Nessus and configure settings, including scans and policies, within 3 hours. Ensure optimal performance and alignment with organizational requirements.
Integration with Existing Security Tools240 minIntegrate Nessus with existing security tools and platforms within 4 hours. Establish seamless communication and data sharing for enhanced threat detection.
Policy Creation and Vulnerability Scanning Setup180 minCreate customized vulnerability scanning policies within 3 hours. Configure scans for various assets and ensure comprehensive vulnerability assessment.
Reporting and Analysis Setup240 minConfigure reporting mechanisms and analysis tools within 4 hours. Ensure accurate reporting of scan results and actionable insights for remediation efforts.
Performance Optimization and Ongoing SupportContinuousFine-tune Nessus for optimal performance. Provide continuous support, addressing queries and concerns promptly, and ensuring the tool’s effectiveness.
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