EndPoint Protection Implementation

EndPoint Protection Implementation

Endpoint protection is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity, focusing on securing individual devices (endpoints) within a network against various threats, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber-attacks.

Borderless CS endpoint protection strategy ensures the organization's devices are shielded from potential threats, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining operational integrity.

The scope of the project is:

  • Evaluate existing security infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities. 
  • Specify rules for malware detection, firewall settings, software installations, and data access permissions.
  • Install endpoint protection software on all designated devices. 
  • Configure security settings according to predefined policies and industry best practices. 
  • Establish a patch management process to keep operating systems and applications up to date. 
  • Provide continuous support to end-users, addressing security-related queries and concerns.

Endpoint Protection Implementation Disaster Recovery (DR) Service Level

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)TimeComments
Primary Environment (Production)60 minIn the event of a failure, the primary Endpoint Protection environment will be restored within 60 minutes, ensuring minimal data loss and uninterrupted operations.
Secondary Environment (Disaster Recovery)180 minIn the event of a disaster, the secondary Endpoint Protection environment will be restored within 3 hours. Data recovery will be up to 24 hours prior to the incident.
Antivirus Engine and Definitions90 secQuick recovery of antivirus engine and updated definitions within 1.5 minutes ensures that devices are protected against the latest threats upon restoration.
Policy Configuration and Enforcement120 secRestoring policy configurations and ensuring their enforcement within 2 minutes is essential for maintaining consistent security protocols across all endpoints.
Centralized Management Console60 secSwift recovery of the management console within a minute is necessary for centralized monitoring, reporting, and management of endpoint security measures.
Testing and MaintenanceQuarterlyRegular DR drills and simulations will be conducted quarterly to validate the effectiveness of the DR plan. Any changes in the endpoint protection configuration will prompt immediate DR plan updates and subsequent testing.
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