Azure Sentinel Deployment

Azure Sentinel Deployment

Azure Sentinel Deployment empowers organizations to proactively detect, investigate, and respond to security threats effectively and by leveraging its advanced features, integrations, and automation capabilities, organizations can secure their datas.

Borderless CS establishes a robust security operations framework, ensuring a resilient defense against evolving cyber threats in the cloud and on-premises environments.

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The scope of the project is:

  • It serves as a comprehensive SIEM platform, consolidating security data from various sources. 
  • Integrate threat intelligence feeds to enrich security data and identify patterns associated with known threats.
  • Leverage threat intelligence to prioritize alerts and enhance incident investigation. 
  • Monitor compliance with industry standards and regulations using built-in compliance dashboards. 
  • Implement UEBA to detect suspicious activities and insider threats by analyzing user and entity behavior patterns. 
  • Maintain detailed documentation of Azure Sentinel configurations and procedures.

Azure Sentinel Deployment Disaster Recovery (DR) Service Level

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)TimeComments
Azure Environment Assessment and Preparation120 minAssess the existing Azure environment and prepare it for Azure Sentinel deployment within 2 hours. Ensure compatibility, resource allocation, and security configurations.
Integration with Data Sources and Security Tools240 minIntegrate Azure Sentinel with various data sources and existing security tools within 4 hours. Establish seamless data flow and communication for effective threat detection and response.
Incident Detection and Alert Setup180 minConfigure incident detection rules and alerting mechanisms within 3 hours. Set up custom alerts for specific security events and anomalies to enable proactive response.
Compliance and Regulatory Alignment240 minEnsure Azure Sentinel aligns with compliance standards and regulations within 4 hours. Generate compliance reports for auditing and regulatory purposes.
Performance Optimization and Ongoing SupportContinuousFine-tune Azure Sentinel for optimal performance. Provide continuous support, addressing queries and concerns promptly, and ensuring the platform’s effectiveness.
Testing and MaintenanceQuarterlyConduct regular DR drills and simulations quarterly to validate the effectiveness of the DR plan. Update the plan based on testing outcomes and evolving security needs.
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