Data Loss Prevention

Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) implementation services are a comprehensive solution to safeguard your critical data from unauthorised access, leakage, and breaches. Our DLP Implementation Services offer a wide range of solutions, all tailored to your organisation’s unique needs, ensuring your data remains secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. 

Our DLP Implementation Services

1. DLP Strategy and Planning
2. DLP Solution Selection
3. DLP Deployment and Configuration
4. Policy Development and Implementation
5. Verification and Validation
6. Monitoring and Incident Response
7. Compliance and Audit Support

Our specialisation in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

1. McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention


Data discovery, content protection, encryption, policy enforcement, integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.


Comprehensive endpoint protection, robust policy management, strong integration with McAfee security suite.

2. Symantec Data Loss Prevention


Comprehensive data discovery and classification, real-time monitoring, policy enforcement, and detailed reporting.


Robust endpoint, network, and cloud protection, extensive policy templates, and strong integration with other Symantec products.

3. Forcepoint DLP


Advanced data discovery, content inspection, behavioural analytics, encryption, and policy enforcement.


User behaviour analytics, customisable policies, strong incident management, and reporting capabilities.

4. Digital Guardian DLP


Data discovery and classification, content inspection, endpoint and network protection, incident response.


Real-time data protection, strong endpoint and network integration, advanced analytics, and reporting.

5. Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention


Data discovery, content filtering, endpoint and email protection, policy enforcement.


Integration with Trend Micro security solutions, robust endpoint protection, and easy-to-use management console.

6. Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)


Data classification, labelling, encryption, policy enforcement, integration with Microsoft 365.


Seamless integration with Microsoft 365, strong data classification and labelling, robust encryption capabilities.

7. Check Point Data Loss Prevention


Data discovery, content filtering, policy enforcement, incident management.


Strong network and endpoint protection, integrated threat intelligence, and customisable policies.

8. Varonis Data Security Platform


Data discovery and classification, user behaviour analytics, real-time monitoring, and policy enforcement.


Strong focus on unstructured data, advanced analytics, threat detection, and comprehensive reporting.

9. Code42 Incydr


Endpoint data collection, real-time monitoring, data exfiltration detection, incident response.


Strong endpoint protection, real-time threat detection, and comprehensive incident response capabilities.

10. McAfee Total Protection for DLP


Data discovery, endpoint protection, network monitoring, policy enforcement, and reporting.


Comprehensive coverage across endpoints and networks, strong integration with other McAfee products, robust policy management.

Our Process

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Initial Consultation
  • Discuss your organisation's data protection goals and challenges. 
  • Define the scope of our DLP implementation services. 
Assessment and Planning
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your current data protection measures. 
  • Develop a customised DLP strategy and implementation plan.
Solution Selection and Deployment
  • Evaluate and select the best-fit DLP solution for your organisation. 
  • Deploy and configure the DLP software across your IT environment. 
Policy Development and Training
  • Create and implement comprehensive DLP policies. 
  • Provide training and awareness programs for employees.
Monitoring and Compliance
  • Implement continuous monitoring and incident response workflows. 
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Why Choose Borderless CS’s for Data Loss Prevention?

Expertise and Experience:

Our team of security professionals has extensive experience in implementing DLP solutions across various industries.

Customized Solutions:

We provide tailored DLP strategies and implementations to meet your organisation's specific needs.

End-to-End Support:

We offer comprehensive support throughout the DLP lifecycle from initial assessment to deployment and ongoing management.

Proactive Approach:

We adopt a proactive approach to data protection, ensuring continuous monitoring and quick response to potential threats.

Compliance Focused:

Our services are designed to help you achieve and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

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