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Understanding Email Security  Services Threats

Email security is a critical component of an organisation’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Our Email Security Services provide comprehensive protection against a range of email-based threats, including phishing, malware, spam, and data breaches.
Advanced Email Security Services for Your Business

Key Features of Borderless CS’s Email Security Services

Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing Detection: Identifies and blocks phishing attempts by analysing email content and links.
User Training: Provides training modules to educate employees on how to recognize phishing attempts.

Spam Filtering

Advanced Filtering: Uses advanced algorithms to filter out spam emails and reduce inbox clutter.
Quarantine Management: Quarantines suspicious emails for review by the user or IT staff.

Malware Protection

Attachment Scanning: Scans email attachments for malicious content before they reach the user.
Link Protection: Analyses URLs in emails to detect and block malicious websites.

Data Loss Prevention

Content Inspection:Monitors outgoing emails for the sensitive information to prevent data leaks.
Policy Enforcement: Applies DLP policies to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Email Encryption

Encryption Services:Ensures that sensitive emails are encrypted to protect data during transmission.
Secure Delivery: Provides secure delivery mechanisms for the encrypted emails data.

Archiving and Compliance

Email Archiving:Automatically archives emails to meet regulatory requirements and for easy retrieval.
Compliance Reporting: Demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations.

Threat Intelligence Integration

Real-Time Updates:Integrates with threat intelligence feeds to stay updated on the latest email threats.
Automated Response: Protection mechanisms based on new threat data.

Phishing Prevention
Email Security
Malware Protection

Our Specialization of Email Security Services

By utilizing our email security services, organizations can effectively mitigate email-related risks, ensure compliance, and maintain the integrity of their communication channels.

Mimecast Email Security

Offers comprehensive email security solutions, including phishing protection, malware prevention, and DLP.

Proofpoint Email Protection

Provides advanced threat protection, encryption, and compliance solutions for email.

Cisco Email Security

Combines anti-spam, anti-virus, and advanced threat protection to secure email communications.

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Symantec Email Security

Provides cloud-based email security services, including phishing defense and data protection.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to provide advanced email threat protection and compliance features.

Implement Email Authentication Protocols

Configuring DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is important for securing your organisation email and protecting your domain from being used for email spoofing and phishing attacks.

Configuring DKIM

DKIM adds a digital signature to your emails, which is used to verify that the email was sent by an authorized mail server and that the email content has not been altered.

Configuring SPF

SPF specifies which mail servers are authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain.

Configuring DMARC

DMARC uses the results of DKIM and SPF to determine if an email is authentic and provides a way for email receivers to report on these emails.


Why Choose Borderless CS for Email Security?

Enhanced Security Posture

By leveraging advanced threat detection and response technologies, managed services significantly enhance an organization’s ability to protect against sophisticated email-based threats.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing email security to a managed service provider can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team, reducing the need for investment in specialized tools and personnel.

Expert Management

Managed services are operated by cybersecurity experts who continuously monitor and manage email security, ensuring optimal protection and quick response to emerging threats.


These services can easily scale to accommodate the growth of an organization, ensuring consistent security across increasing volumes of email traffic.

Compliance Assurance

Managed email security services help organizations comply with industry regulations and standards by providing necessary security controls and reporting capabilities.

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