Digital Forensics Services

Our Digital Forensics Services are designed to help organisations investigate and understand security breaches, fraud, and other cybercrimes. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to provide detailed forensic analysis, ensuring you have the information needed to respond effectively.

Our Digital Forensics Services

Computer Forensics

Hard Drive Analysis

Examination of hard drives to recover deleted files, analyse file systems, and uncover hidden data.

File System Analysis

Investigating file systems to track user activity and identify suspicious files or programs.

Memory Forensics

Analysing volatile memory (RAM) to capture real-time data about running processes, network connections, and open files.

Network Forensics

Traffic Analysis

Analysing network traffic to identify suspicious activities and potential breaches.

Intrusion Detection

Investigating network intrusions to determine methods and prevent future attacks.

Log Analysis

Reviewing network logs to trace unauthorised access and other malicious activities.

Mobile Device Forensics

Device Analysis

Extracting and analysing data from mobile devices involved in incidents.

App Forensics

Investigating mobile applications for malicious activity and data leaks.

Communication Analysis

Recovering and analysing text messages, call logs, and other communications.

Cloud Forensics

Cloud Environment Analysis

Investigating incidents in cloud environments to identify breaches and data loss.

Service Provider Liaison

Working with cloud service providers to obtain necessary forensic data.

Data Recovery

Recovering deleted or compromised data from cloud storage services.

Malware Forensics

Malware Identification and Dissection

Identifying and analysing malware to understand its functionality and origin.

Behavioural Analysis

Observing malware behaviour in a controlled environment to determine its impact and propagation methods.

Mitigation Strategies

Providing recommendations to mitigate and prevent future malware infections.

Email Forensics

Email Recovery

Recovering deleted or tampered emails to trace communication patterns.

Phishing Investigation

Analysing phishing emails to identify sources and techniques.

Metadata Analysis

Investigating email metadata to uncover details about the sender, recipient, and email path.

Social Media Forensics

Account Analysis

Investigating social media accounts for unauthorised access and activity.

Content Recovery

Recovering deleted posts, messages, and other content.

Behavioural Analysis

Analysing social media behaviour to identify suspicious or malicious activities.

Database Forensics

Database Analysis

Investigating database contents to uncover unauthorised access or data manipulation.

Transaction Recovery

Recovering and analysing database transactions to trace activities.

Security Assessment

Evaluating database security to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements.

Digital Fraud Investigation

Financial Forensics

Analysing digital financial records to detect fraud and embezzlement.

Identity Theft Investigation

Investigating cases of identity theft to uncover methods and perpetrators.

Cyber Fraud Analysis

Identifying and investigating online fraud activities, including phishing, scams, and counterfeit goods.

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Benefits of Our Digital Forensics Services


Accurate and Reliable Analysis

Providing precise and trustworthy forensic analysis to support your incident response and legal processes.
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Rapid Response

Swiftly responding to incidents to preserve evidence and minimise impact.

Enhanced Security Posture

Identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to strengthen your security defences.
threat detection

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring investigations comply with relevant laws and regulations, reducing legal risks.

Expert Guidance

Access to experienced forensic analysts who can guide you through complex investigations.

How Our Digital Forensics Services Work

Forensic Investigation

Initial Assessment

Conducted an initial assessment to determine the breach's scope and the affected systems.

Evidence Collection

Systematically collected and preserved digital evidence from compromised systems, ensuring the integrity and chain of custody for potential legal actions.

Detailed Analysis

Performed a thorough forensic analysis of the payment processing systems, identifying malware that captured credit card information during transactions.

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Containment and Eradication

Incident Containment

Isolated infected systems to prevent further spread of the malware.

Threat Eradication

Removed the malware and any associated malicious software from your network.

System Hardening

Implemented additional security measures to protect the payment processing systems from similar attacks.

Data Recovery

Data Decryption

Worked with your IT team to recover and decrypt compromised customer data.

Secure Data Storage

Ensured that recovered data was stored securely and that access controls were tightened.

Incident Reporting

Comprehensive Reports

Generated detailed reports outlining the breach, forensic findings, and the steps taken to contain and remediate the incident.

Executive Summaries

Provided high-level summaries for your executive team to inform strategic decision-making and communication with stakeholders.

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Root Cause Analysis

In-depth analysis

Identified the root cause of the breach as a vulnerability in the third-party payment processing software.

Preventative Measures

Recommended enhancements to the payment processing system, including software updates, additional encryption, and improved monitoring.

Compliance and Legal Support

Regulatory Compliance

Assisted you in meeting compliance requirements for reporting the breach to regulatory authorities and affected customers.

Legal Assistance

Provided support for potential legal actions and helped prepare documentation for regulatory inquiries.

Why Choose Borderless CS’s for Digital Forensics Services?

Digital Forensics Services:

Our team of forensic experts has extensive experience in handling a wide range of digital investigations.

State-of-the-Art Tools:

Utilizing the latest forensic tools and technologies to deliver accurate and comprehensive results.

Customised Solutions:

Tailoring our services to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organisation.

Confidentiality and Integrity:

Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity throughout the investigation process.



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