What happened to Western Sydney University (WSU) Cyber attack.

Western Sydney University has today notified individuals impacted by unauthorised access to its IT network.

The intrusion was identified by the University in January 2024 and quickly shut down, an investigation commenced and remediation measures were implemented.

Source: Western Sydney University statement on cyber incident | Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University

The earliest unauthorized access to the University’s Microsoft Office 365 environment occurred on May 17, 2023, involving some email accounts and SharePoint files.

Investigations indicate that the University’s Solar Car Laboratory infrastructure may have been involved in the incident.

The University is currently investigating the incident. If more people are affected by the unauthorized access to the University IT network, they will be informed.

It’s important to note that the University has not received any threats to disclose the accessed private information, nor have they received any demands for maintaining privacy. To protect University staff, students, and stakeholders, the University has obtained an injunction from the NSW Supreme Court to prevent access, use, transmission, and publication of any data involved in the incident.

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Our recommendations:

Implement Strong Cybersecurity Measures: Strengthen security controls, such as zero-trust, Just-in-time privileged access, intrusion detection systems, Next-gen firewall, SIEM Monitoring, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Conduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities and implement necessary remediation measures.

Implement the Identity and Access Management (IDAM) system in place.

Implement a strong patch management system for servers, databases and applications.

Train employees in cybersecurity best practices and educate customers about data breach risks.

SOC Monitoring services will help to detect threats in real-time, manage incident response, perform forensic investigations on past incidents, and prepare audits for compliance purposes.

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